Organization Profile

UMSA (United Marine Suppliers Association, LLC) is an organization of marine suppliers, which works in partnership with the boat builders of United Marine Manufacturers Association and the dealers of United Marine Retailers Association to enhance their collective competitiveness and market shares and to address important industry issues which effect their survival and continued prosperity.


The mission of the UMSA is to empower the marine suppliers to survive in a highly competitive and changing industry. We provide services and information to our Members that improve their operational efficiencies and help build their market share, relative to the industry as a whole.

Member Profile

UMSA Members provide a full range of goods and services for UMMA boat builders and, in many cases, to UMRA dealers. In exchange for helping to keep UMMA and UMRA Members competitive in a consolidating market, UMSA Members enjoy a preferred relationship and receive priority in all purchasing decisions.

Company Information

The organization was formally launched in June of 1998. The operation of the Association has been established as completely autonomous from its Membership. The Association President and operational contracting party, Kent Wooldridge, also serves as UMMA's attorney. UMMA's corporate office is located at 714 South National, Springfield, Missouri 65804.

Affiliate Organizations

UMMA (United Marine Manufacturers Association)
UMMA is the largest organization of boat builders in the marine industry, consisting of more than ninety boat builders, producing more than 70,000 boats per year. UMMA is committed to working in partnership with the UMSA suppliers to consolidate its Members' business and support the needs of its supplier partners.

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