What We Are

UMSA (United Marine Suppliers Association) is an organization of marine suppliers, which are approved suppliers to the boat-builder Members of United Marine Manufacturers Association (UMMA) and the Dealer Members of United Marine Retailers Association (UMRA). UMSA strives to build a cooperative business partnership between its Members and the UMMA builders and the UMRA marine retailers. Just as UMMA is an advocate organization for the boat builders and UMRA is an advocate for its dealers, UMSA is an advocate for the suppliers in order to enhance their collective ability to address the industry issues, which effect their survival and continued prosperity.


Industry Position

The marine industry has changed dramatically in recent years. In addition to the decline in production of recreational boats in general, since the recent peak in 2007, less new builders are coming into existence and a much greater share of the remaining production is vested in larger companies, many owned by private outside investors lacking the passion for the industry, traditionally fostered by independent builders. For the suppliers, as the number of viable builders is reduced, so too are the options to sell their products. Since the reduction of total boat production has a direct impact upon the growth and success of suppliers, it is important for the suppliers to pool their own resources to help smaller and medium-size builders grow in a highly competitive market. Likewise, as more and more control is vested in fewer and fewer boat builders, the competition for the remaining business grows stronger and the opportunity for profitable business is diminished. In supporting the UMMA boat builders, UMSA Members help to slow and/or reverse this trend.

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